Sunday, March 6, 2011


1) Shape Borrowing
- it is a way of designing that helps us be able to use a shape and create an object we want to create
- example would be to use a triangle and sketch out a phone holder possibly, with a flat base
- one fact is that we are able to come up with unique yet cool for people, who want to own the certain object you've created.
2) S.C.A.M.P.E.R
- an acronym made up of 7 different styles of designing that serves as a guideline to create even more extravagant things
- very useful for anyone (pros or amateurs)
- Substitute Combine Adapt Modify Put to other use Eliminate Rearrange
- assists anybody to use other creation and mix them up to make Modern day people like us live a better lifestyle
- we use this mainly to make our design easier and the functions more simplified but still greatly appreciated in the sales market and to appear well in its appearance
- has to be good-looking and not dull, to attract customer's attention to it, or maybe even a unique one-coloured design can grasp the customer's attention
- when something is not in good use or arranged weirdly, it stands out well

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