Sunday, February 6, 2011

An example of a BAD photo

This picture shown is as you can see......BLUR!!! People don't like looking at blur photos, which mean they are bad, real bad. There isn't a focus on any subject or object, the resolution is poor thus, the picture is not worthy to be seen. People would rather look at better pictures and not like this one shown above.

An example of a GD photo

This is a picture of Venice, Italy, the so-called "La Dominante" and "The Floating City". It is a picture at night and the way the photographer captures it is really very nice and makes people feel like they want to go to Venice.

First Few lessons on Sketching

Our teacher, Mr Soh, after asking all the 5 groups of 4-5 in my class to do a research and presentation on different types of drawings, taught us 2 types of drawings that we had to learn to use to be able to draw something really good. One being Perspective Drawing, the other is Isometric Projection. I will show you what I had learnt through his first practical lessons. Now in secondary school, I found Art/Design very interesting because it does not only tell us to paint or draw any random thing. You need to have creativity and then you start to improvise things to make the outcome good.